Step 1

Apply a small amount on water-moistened skin; massage using a circular motion creating a luxurious foaming action. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water, pat dry leaving your skin feeling soft and supple!

Step 2

After cleansing and drying the face thoroughly, apply a thin layer of Renew Enzyme Peel to the entire face and throat area.Wait a few moments, then using circular motions, continue to massage it gently into the skin. Soon the Renew will begin to become liquefied, and as you continue to massage, you will feel small round particles starting to form (dead skin cells and dirt being removed from your skin). Rinse thoroughly with tepid water and pat dry. Your skin will immediately have more luminosity and radiance. Renew can be used daily or every other day. Also works for feet, shins, and hands.

Step 3

Apply a thin layer of Nurture Day&Night Moisturizer twice a day. From the very first application you will realize the moisturizing effects of this aloe based proprietary formulation are unlike any other you have experienced. You'll immediately see you the boost to your skin's radiance.